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Zoe Here!


I met Justin during the Spring quarter of my freshman year at Cal Poly. We were at a Deltiki themed party when I saw the tall blonde surfer boy of my dreams confidently flip his hair to the tropical house music. Apparently Justin also noticed me from a balcony above. Well... he noticed my bigger than normal butt in the festive stretchy pants I was wearing. Thank you freshman 15. I continued dancing and suddenly felt an arm around me. “Can I get you ladies a drink?” There stood that tall blonde surfer boy. Ugh what a player. But who could resist a shot of Burnetts in a dixie cup from a half naked frat boy? Cut to 4 hours of chats in the corner of an apartment where for the first time in my life I felt like I met my soulmate.

After my first date with Justin, he dropped me off at my English class. I had never experienced such a high in my life. I had to tell everyone about the best date I’d ever been on. So sorry to the random girl behind me that had to hear every detail of our Old San Luis BBQ lunch. I truly had never met someone so funny, charming, family oriented, and god loving in my life.

From our first date on Justin always challenged me and helped me become the best version of myself. Cheesy but true. And I’d like to think I did the same for him. We’ve made it through some of life’s big obstacles and no doubt we will face them again. But there is no one else on this planet I’d rather do that with.

I speak for the both of us when I say we are BEYOND grateful for every single one of you. We cannot wait to celebrate with you on our big day. Love you all so much!

Zoe (soon to be) Hauser


Justin Here!

Zoe and I still laugh every time someone asks us where we met, because our story began in one of the most unromantic settings one can think of: a college frat party. And it wasn’t just where we met, but how we met that makes me cringe. However, Zoe seems to think it’s hilarious, so I figure I will share it with you all. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, the smell of cheap beer and Burnetts was in the air, and a bunch of rowdy 20 something-year-olds danced on top of tables to Jason Derulo. I was hanging out with some friends on a balcony that overlooked the party, when I spotted a gorgeous tall brunette walk in. She was wearing rainbow yoga pants that also helped capture my attention… if you know what I mean. She was with a friend that I knew, so I went down to the party to greet them and seize my opportunity to talk to rainbow pants girl. In my poor attempt at being smooth, I wrapped my arms around them both and asked, “Can I get you ladies a drink?” What a terrible pickup line, but shooter’s shoot and I got away with one. We ended up talking for hours in a side apartment while our friends partied, and I was obsessed with everything about her. 

We had our first date at my favorite spot in San Luis Obispo, Old San Luis BBQ, and picked up right where we left off at that party. I’ve never had so much fun talking and laughing about life with another person. After that first date, I started to catch some feels. At first, I was only inviting her out to parties and get-togethers with friends, but that quickly turned into studying together, going on dinner dates, pulling all-nighters, and dancing and singing to our favorite songs. She was so funny and full of life and the best part was, she was just like me! Like seriously, the female version of me. Now, I was falling hard and fast. Could this be my forever girl?


Fast forward almost 8 years later and turns out…. she’s the one!! My best friend, ride-or-die, confidant, personal chef, comedian, and dream wifey. Zoe has become all of these things to me and over these past 8 years together, life has been FULL. We have attended crazy Cal Poly tennis matches, lived it up at music festivals, traveled to our favorite vacation spots, survived long-distance dating, effortlessly lived together, performed “expert level" karaoke on long car rides, spent amazing quality time with our families, watched every show and movie you can think of, played endless games, danced excessively, and expressed our inner weirdo selves on the daily. Together we have shared so many life experiences, joys, challenges, ups, downs, and in-betweens. Through it all, I’ve found that loving Zoe is the best and easiest thing in the world.

I can’t wait to make Zoe my wife and share that special moment with all of you, my favorite people. You all have made such a meaningful impact on our lives and we appreciate and love you more than you know.


See you in the desert!

Justin Hauser