Hey there! I’m Nova Hauser…

I’m the woman behind all that is Happily Ever Hauser. I’m a former college-readiness specialist and newly stay-at-home mommy, finally allowing myself to explore my creative interests and share my own “Happily Ever After” with you!

I’m married to my high-school sweetheart and a mother of two. My children are over 9 years apart, which makes for interesting days and interesting posts! I might post a chore chart for my 10 year old and later post about toddler-approved meal ideas.

Don’t mind the little one. This cutie rarely looks at the camera at this stage, but we’re working on it.

I. Love. Food.

I had to let that statement stand alone because it’s that serious! I call myself a foodie and find excitement in sharing, trying and creating meals and treats. (If you only knew how many secret food-related Pinterest boards I’ve created…)

Sushi from one of our favorite spot in Seattle, Wabi Sabi.


DIY projects are also a fun area for me to explore. I’m one of those people that walk into a store and almost every time I end up liking the most expensive item they sell. What can I say? I know quality when I see it. With that said, I like to look at things and find ways to make it myself or cut down on the costs with a little DIY.

Another topic you can always expect to see on HappilyEverHauser.com: Family Fun Activities and ways my husband and I keep the romance alive! My husband works a lot and he’s in a Master’s program, so any time we have to spend together as a family or couple, we try to make it special.

We went on a horse drawn sleigh ride! Read about it here!

So, stick around and visit often to take this journey with me in living my “Happily Ever After” on Happily Ever Hauser!


Oh, and last, but not least… GO Hawks!