The Suite Life: Seattle Sounders

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to attend my first Seattle Sounders game at Centurylink Field.

And to top that, we got to watch the game in one of their Suite room boxes!

Can you believe I’ve been living in Seattle for nearly my entire life (minus my college years in Las Vegas…Go UNLV REBELS!) and have never attended a Sounders game? I know, I know…shame on me, I guess. Well, I’m glad to have my first time be an upgraded experience!

To start out, we received a Centurylink Field Garage Parking Pass, which gave us easy access to the entrance.

With the rain that was starting to come down that evening, I was thankful my parking spot was literally, 37 steps (I counted, ha!) from the Suite ticket holder entrance on Level 6 of the garage. Perfect!

Next, the security check was a breeze for us.

I’m so glad that something in me said “you don’t need a purse tonight, leave it at home” because you’d have to carry a very, very small bag, I think it had to be no bigger than like 4×6″ or something or you had to have a clear bag. The lady checking in before us had a bag that could barely fit a cellphone, wallet and lipgloss, but still had to ask her husband to run it back to their car because they couldn’t allow her to check it in.

Another person we knew that was going to be in the Suite with us she had to check her purse and it cost her $10 for that. I’d say, avoid bringing a bag, a wallet even, when you attend sporting events at Centurylink Field. You’ll avoid a headache or disappointment. I wore a jacket with nice deep pockets and only brought what I absolutely needed: ID, Debit card, iPhone, and of course, lip gloss!

Me & my husband, Stefan…say cheese!

So, we finally made it into the stadium and we were on our way: Suite 45, here we come!

It was a long, long walk down this hallway that pretty much curved around the entire level. We passed up so many suites, at a certain point we were wondering if we passed ours and didn’t realize or if we would have been better off walking the other direction. I was probably just excited to get in the Suite that the walking seemed like forever. The cool thing to see along the long walk was all these large, framed photos of our very own, Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders players. Now that I think of it, I didn’t get any snaps of it in the hallway, but if you’ve ever driven by Centurylink, you’ve seen the shots of certain players on the side of the building. They were very similar images, but of course, not as massive.

The view of the field from the suite.

We made it to the Suite, and it felt like such a treat to watch the game in this style!

I told you earlier it was starting to rain, but by about 20 mins in, the rain was beginning to pour, but thankfully I only had to WATCH the rain pour and not FEEL the rain pour, like many of the people in seats without any cover. Let’s just say, there were a ton of poncho-wearing fans out there, but I wasn’t one of them (this time).

Once inside, I did partake in the snacks: hotdogs, popcorn & sodas!

Very simple, but kept my hunger at bay. There was also plenty of seating, whether you wanted to sit to watch the game or lounge on the cushy leather chairs. Another wonderful bonus about watching the game in a suite is the in-suite bathroom! No lines, very clean, and full stock of seat-liners (yesssss)!

The CenturyLink Suite Catering Menu
The catering set-up
My hotdog with lots of ketchup & mustard!

I’ve included some more photos below to give you a little feel of what I experienced. All-in-all, it was a fantastic game and what a cool way to watch the Seattle Sounders! By the way…it was a tie game/draw! I still give that a big WHOO-HOO! Apparently, it was a big rival match-up versus the New England Revolution. The Sounders were down for most of the game, but had a great comeback at the end and the tied it up 3-3. If you’re curious about the game’s recap, check it out here!

Lounge area
View of the food area.
View of friends & the field.

When have you felt like a V.I.P.? Share a little story below!

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  1. I played soccer in college so I am ALWAYS down for a professional soccer game!! I love the feel at soccer games because the fans are always SO into it!! I’m glad you guys had a good time! Now, I want a hot dog 😉

  2. How funnnn is this! What a great experience! I agree about the bag thing. I had to leave my entire purse in the car when my husband and I went to the 49ers recently… it was pretty annoying. But this is so fun that you got to have catering and watch the game in comfort (: love it!

  3. Looks like a great time!! I’ve been able to watch a few college football games from a suite and it’s definitely the way to go, if you ask me!

  4. Ahhhh, the “suite life!” I used to work for a sports league and working in the VIP suites was one of the perks. I honestly became quite! It’s one the best ways to enjoy a game or concert. Your photos brought back a lot of good memories. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Looks like lots of fun, I actually had a suite experience once as well and I enjoyed it as well. I love how you mention the toilet seat liners Iol I’d be happy about that too.

  6. I love a suite!!! I often use suites for my job to entertain clients. It’s the best!!! My kids love it too so much so, that I took them to a Chicago White Sox game just as a family outing and they looked at me crazy when they found out we weren’t in the suite! LOL…spoiled!

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