A Little D.I.Y. Goes a Long Way!

Have you ever been sitting in your home, not doing anything in particular and you look around…then this sudden urge comes over you?

You think to yourself, “Something has got to change around here!”

I was beginning to get fed up with the “Builder Special” stark white walls that our house came with when we purchased it back in 2013. My husband and I both agreed that it was time to make some little updates inside the home. We had already done quite a bit of work on the outside of the house over the years, such as a new retaining wall, a concrete patio/basketball court for our son, and my husband even built our backyard deck from start to finish. I’ll blog about the deck project in a later post, for sure, because it’s truly so impressive. We patted ourselves on the back for taking on the project ourselves instead of hiring a contractor. Saved thousands of $$$ Whoop! Whoop! Make sure to email subscribe today to our newsletter so you can get updates directly to your inbox!

But, back to this week’s project: PAINT!

Painting a couple rooms was what we decided we were willing to take on to add a little more of our own personal style to our home. Seeing that it’s mid-winter break for my husband, who is a middle school P.E. teacher, we thought it was best not to take on too much so we can feel accomplished in completing a project, but still have time to spend together and he could relax on his break.

Deciding which rooms was fairly simple for us. We already painted my son’s bedroom a fun blue green combo last summer and our daughter’s nursery was also painted prior to her arrival in 2015 (later post coming on her nursery room design/decor since it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house). Our living room/dining room came painted in a couple shades of neutral tans and the kitchen would require a lot more effort to painted that we just weren’t game for this time. That left us with the main floor bathroom and our bedroom.

Bathroom Before

bedroom before

Bedroom Before

I had to download our bedroom photo from Zillow’s Real Estate website since I was forgot to take a current before of the bedroom prior to painting. In a sense, this is still a before shot of the bedroom, right?

50 Shades of Gray (and Blue) is an understatement.

Home Depot Family Trip

Choosing paint colors can be over whelming. We knew we wanted cool tones, since that fits our personal style, but when you look at all the slight differences in paint colors, it can be hard to decide. We stood in front of the Behr Marquee display at The Home Depot and stared for a good 3 minutes. “What do you think about this one?” We both tilted our heads as the silence was broken and from there we would each suggest colors, compare them to others, until we finally narrowed down our paint sample choices.

Work, work, work, work, work, work…(to the tune of Rihanna)

Prep Work, that is…

After slapping some stripes of the paint samples on various areas in each room, we waited. Once they were dried (which was very quick with the Behr Marquee line), we kept occasionally popping into the rooms to stare at the walls a bit. We looked at the colors in the daylight and after the sun went down so we could see how the colors looked at different times of the day.

       Bathroom: South Pacific or Winter In Paris?

We were lucky and actually liked how all the paint colors turned out, so we hurried back to The Home Depot to purchase full gallons of our selected colors. We chose:

Bathroom – Winter in Paris in eggshell

Bedroom – Teal Motif & Gray Shimmer in matte

Next, it was time clean the walls of any dust, dirt, oils, etc. I first used the Swiffer Duster Wand to remove any dusts that accumulates on the walls, especially in the corners where you find these almost invisible cobwebs. I like the Swiffer Duster wand because it comes with refills on the duster heads that once you’ve filled it with all the dust it can handle (which is A LOT), you just toss it and replace it with a fresh, clean refill. The Swiffer Duster Refills are not going to break the bank either. Amazon has them currently priced at about 70 cents per refill when you purchase this box of 20.

There are just somethings that I’d rather throw away after using, instead of attempting to clean it or store it. Dusters fall into this category for me (even though I love the look of a good old fashioned feather duster like my grandmother used to own.

After dusting, I used a simple cleaning mix of 1/2 Cup White Vinegar, 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda, and 4 cups warm water to wipe the walls down using a white cloth. Once dry, it was time for the infamous blue tape to ensure the paint goes only where we want it to and not on our lovely white baseboard trim. We’ve tried other brands of painter’s tape in the past, but found it difficult to remove and it didn’t give us as clean of a line, as there was some bleeding of paint under the tape. Fault us, perhaps, for not adhering the tape properly, but we decided to go with a new tape option this time just to see if it made a difference. I recommend using ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, Advanced Multi-Surface, 1.88-Inch by 60-Yard.

It was good at sticking to the surface, but came off super easy. It kept our lines neat too!

Let the Paint Begin!

We were finally ready to start the transformation! My husband did all the painting of the walls himself this time around. With a nearly 2-year old daughter running around, I had my hands full enough.

Behr Marquee Winter In Paris MQ6-03

hubby painting

Hubby working hard “In The Paint”

Plus, that left me time to do another FUN, FABULOUS project that took our existing furniture and built-in closet to a whole new level! Who knew a $3.00 can of spray paint would make it feel like I went out an bought all new furniture pieces?!? Well, I knew, since this isn’t my first rodeo at spray painting stuff, but this project really “glammed-up” our bedroom to compliment the deep jewel-toned teal of our new painted accent wall and built-in closet doors/drawers.

So, after some hours of painting, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for:



Bathroom After

You’ll notice all we changed (so far) was the paint on the walls and the shower curtain. All in all, it’s a great transformation. My son said the bathroom felt bigger and my husband loves the blue tones. I’m loving it in comparison to the BEFORE, yet I’m still deciding if I’ll change out the curtain for a different design. We plan to stain the sink cabinet/vanity to match the floating cabinet above the toilet, as well as update the lighting. And then replace the countertops, doors, flooring, re-tile the shower…the list can go on forever. As a home owner, there’s always a project waiting for you to begin. For us, we take our time with these things, which leads me to the next paint reveal: The Bedroom. I will show you the walls we painted and reveal what I gave hint to earlier; the gold glamour update!

First things first:



bedroom before

Painted Closets Behr Teal Motif Gray Shimmer

Painted Closets Behr Teal Motif Gray Shimmer

Painted Closets Behr Teal Motif Gray Shimmer

I will do a bigger reveal post when we have more updates, such as bedding, lighting, etc. So make sure you’re email subscribed in the sidebar!

DRUMROLL please!….GOLD Glamour, up close and personal:

I purchased the Krylon ColorMaster w/CoverMax in Metallic Gold to update and unify the color of all the knobs/drawer pulls/handles in the room. I later plan to spray paint the table lamps we have on each side of the bed and possibly update the shade.

And here’s the results I FELL IN LOVE WITH:

Krylon Gold Metallic Spray Paint

Spray Paint Gold

Knobs Spray Painted Gold

Teal Drawers Gold Knobs

Teal Drawers Gold Knobs

Ikea Wardrobe Update After

Ikea Wardrobe Update After

IKEA Dresser Update Gold Knobs

Nightstand before

Nightstand After

Things I’ve Learned:

  • Slow down & Take before pics!!
  • Wipe clean the handles and knobs to ensure spray paint coats evenly
  • Behr Marquee paint+primer saved soooo much time! One coat and you’re done! And it’s low-odor.
  • Scotchblue Multi-surface tape is the bomb for this type of paint project. It’s the best I’ve used (link above).
  • Always give yourself more time than you expect

So, you’ve made it this far through the post and I’m so glad you did! I’d love to hear some feedback on my little paint project updates and hear about your own DIY adventures!


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  1. I love the color of the paint you chose for your bathroom and the shower curtain you picked! It made such a dramatic difference. Thanks for sharing the before and after photos!

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