5 FUN & FREE Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

Is it just me or has anyone else found themselves standing in a store’s Valentine’s Day aisle the day before the holiday staring at a chaotic mess of ran-thru boxed card sets that NEVER have enough cards in one box to give to the entire class, so you have to buy TWO, that is if you can find two boxes that match….

okay, hold up…

Let me take a breath and slow down.

It can be low-key stressful looking for fun treats for these kids and all their classmates, right?

Let’s try this again.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve started looking for ideas on V-day cards for my son to give to his classmates. I like to give gifts that have a bit of DIY to them. My favorite way to personalize a gift is to find a fun way to wrap it, create something that is handmade or whip something up in the kitchen.

I’ve done some digging on Pinterest and found my favorites that are ready to print and have a small amount of effort to bring a smile to some kiddo’s face. Let me know if you decided to do one of the projects I’ve spotlighted below from some very creative bloggers. The first one on my list is one my son and I did last year for this 4th grade class. They were super easy, low-cost and a BIG hit with the kiddos!

1.) Minecraft Creeper Gum Valentine via Simple As That

My son and I did these together and like the card says, they were a blast! He is so into Minecraft, so being able to give a treat that represents his interest was fun.

2.) “Hooked on You” Goldfish Cracker Valentine via Frugal Coupon Living 

These are a great, non-candy option and just soooo cute!

3.) “You’re a Cutie” via It’s Always Autumn

If you’re looking for a healthier option, fruit is the way to go!

4.) Emoji Printable Valentine with Chocolate Hearts via Landeelu

Because chocolate is, well, CHOCOLATE and we LOVE it! We love the emojis too. I think I use this emoji at least once a day when I’m texting or commenting online.

5.) Pop Rocks Valentine via Simple As That

Pop Rocks are somewhat nostalgic for me. It’s one of those candies you don’t have all the time, but when you do it’s quite the experience! Get your V-day poppin’ with these!


What are some fun Valentine’s Day treat and cards you’ve done? Got a link to it? Drop it in the comments below!


    • happilyeverhauser@gmail.com

      They were so easy to make! Just print, cut, and tape/glue. I found the green mini packs of Extra watermelon flavored gum at the Dollar Tree. Thanks for stopping by!

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