Daily Responsibilities Chart a.k.a. Chore Chart

Well, there comes a time in our lives when we have to either get a handle on this situation by creating a routine and a process or it can seem as though it’s a constant battle. What am I talking about here? You guessed it (or maybe you didn’t, but that’s okay), CHORES! Or as we like to call it in our home, DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES. We went through this stage where it seemed I was constantly nagging, I mean REMINDING, our son about things he needed to do to contribute around the house. I realized this was exhausting me and, quite frankly, annoying him.

That is not the relationship I wanted to have with him. So, I quickly went to my trusty place for advice: Pinterest! (Don’t you just love pinning? Pinning = Winning!)  There’s tons of ideas on Pinterest and the visuals can be so satisfying to the eyes! I found a recommendation sheet that suggested chores by age of your child and a printable chart to use as well. At the time, my son was 6 years old. He would help out with things such as,

  • Empty wastebaskets into bigger garbage bin
  • Take dirty clothes hamper to the laundry room
  • Clean up room
  • Make bed

We added other things, such as brushing teeth, homework, and read for 20 minutes. The printable chart was super easy to use and make it our own since it had blank lines where we could write in what we felt was appropriate and reasonable for our son. At first, I printed out a ton of copies of the chore chart and would rewrite the chores each week. It didn’t take me long to get tired of all of that, so my lightbulb went off to print one blank and insert it into a picture frame with glass and use a erasable marker. (duh…right?) That way I only needed to write the “responsibilities” once and just wipe the check marks off at the end of each week. Bam!

Implementing this in our household was a straight-forward, less-stressful and even fun way to introduce our son to our expectation that he will also contribute as a member of the Happily Ever Hauser homestead. Our kiddo loved being able to check things off his list and it even became exciting for him to race to get them all done so he could show me.

As a parent, you are the best judge on what your kid is capable of and can take on into their daily routine. My son is 10 year old now and we have since graduated to not needing a written list, but I believe incorporating a Responsibility Chart earlier on helped to build a foundation and appreciation of helping out the family. Even though, he no longer uses a chart, I decided to create one of my own for all my readers (and I can use it when my 1 year old daughter get a bit older).


Click the following link to download your copy of Happily Ever Hauser’s Daily Responsibilities Chart!

How do you implement chores in your household?

Let’s put those kiddos to work!


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